Moving forward

Dear God,

My past encompassed me so greatly
That it has been hard for me to sleep sound
The constant flashes of my former sins
Have lowered me to the ground
My knees grow weak
And I find it hard to stand
From all the pressures, guilt, and earthly demands.
Regret in my chest and repentance in my heart
Lord Jesus please recuse me from the dark
No longer willing to drown in pity
I pray over and over to keep God with me
You are my light and constant reminder
of the light I know is real
You are the only one who knows how I feel
Forgive me lord for my mistakes,
Jealousy, drama, and uncalled for hate
Please give me a clean new slate
With fruits of your righteousness on my plate
No longer living for selfish desires
No more judging one another by their attire
Embracing who I truly am with no fear of man
I give you my hope, trust, and faith
Praying every moment for your forgiveness and grace
That the pain I feel you may heal
and replace with love and zeal
I pray for virtue and new life
to lead me to become one day a suitable wife
To live my life to counteract
the precious years I can't get back
I ask that you restore
with blessings, hope, prosperity and more
As I get stronger in your salvation
I hope to stand firm and righteously with no hesitation
Thank you for delivering my life
from going down a path that I know was not right
Thank you for slowly filling me with joy
That I could never get from any boy
No one could tell me that you are not real
because in this moment I finally feel delivered.
Thank you.

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