Mind over matter


As a child I did not grow up in a wealthy house. I knew we were not wealthy, but I had a lot of wealth in terms of love as a child from my parents and brothers.

My dad passed away when I was 12. It happened unexpectedly and I did not have a chance to even say goodbye or to say that I loved him. My mother was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer which we fought and won only to find out that she had lung cancer a few years later. Needless to say she suffered tremendously during her short illness. I've become to realize that this "baggage" I carry with me in the form of heart ache is not doing me any good.

I tend to become negative in my whole being. It is a continuous battle every single day to find the good, the positive in my life and in the crazy world we live in today. What am I doing about this I hear you ask?

What I've discovered is Norman Vincent Peale's The Power of positive thinking! I love to read his book and to listen to his audio book when I'm driving. I am always amazed that it leads me right back to God and my faith in Jesus Christ. Another favorite of mine is motivational speaker Robin Banks - this guy gives me so much zest just by listening to him.

There is no quick fix solution to this ongoing battle with positivity vs negativity, but one step at a time each and every day for me. Knowing and believing that I can and will change my mindset from negative to positive!

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