Meditation Types for Beginners

There are hundreds of different meditation types.  I will touch base on just a few that are the most popular and most used in western cultures. This guide is for the beginner who knows little about meditating and would like to discover the different ways in which to get the most out of it. Below is a list of different  techniques and a short description of each.

Beginner meditation types

Spiritual meditation: Many people believe that prayer is talking to God while meditation is listening to God. For this reason many people will use this method to communicate with their Higher Power. This can be a very powerful tool for communicating with God. I, myself have done this when I needed guidance. 

For this type of meditation you need only quiet the mind and focus on the question or problem that you have, and listen for the answer. Others say it is beneficial to ask the question, quiet the mind, and ask that they be given guidance throughout their day.

Mindfulness meditation: This type of meditation is all about being in the now. You do not have to be sitting quietly to practice this meditation, however, for those of you new to the concept, it is a good idea that you start in this way. 

The idea with this meditation method is to concentrate on the sensations you feel within your body, letting go of the daily thoughts and just feeling. Don’t worry about where the feelings are originating, just allow yourself to feel without judgment.

Focused meditations: The idea behind this meditation is that not all people can think of “nothing.” For this reason many people prefer this meditation type. Instead of trying to get rid of all your thoughts you simply focus on a single object, mantra, thought or sound.

Some people use meditation music for this type of meditation, some people focus on things like candles or a statue, others meditate on thoughts like peace among humanity. The choice is really yours.

Meditation in motion: This is also referred to activity meditation. The basic idea here is doing a repetitive activity in which you can quiet the mind. The most popular of these activity meditations is walking meditation.

With walking meditation, the idea is to concentrate on your breathing and the activity of walking itself instead of the other thoughts clouding your mind. 

The above are, of course, different meditations that all stem from the basic meditation practices where as you sit quietly in a chair, on a pillow or on the floor, and use different techniques to quiet the mind and relax the body.

I have given you this list so that you have options. Meditating doesn’t have to be difficult and there is no one way to achieve a meditative state, which the meditation types described above point out.

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