Interview with The Creator of Magnetic Vision Boards

The creator of Magnetic Vision Boards and author of, Bonnie Oudsema, is also a life coach, author and motivational speaker and she has graciously taken time out of her very busy schedule to share some of her best tips and techniques with us. Thank you Bonnie.

The Interview with Bonnie Oudsema

Q) You state your mission is to help individuals remove the resistance that is preventing them from attracting everything they ever wanted through self awareness, powerful thinking, and visualization!, Can you tell us when you first realized this is what you wanted to contribute to the world.

A) Great Question! It was about 8 years ago when I started my journey into self-development where I learned the basic principles of the Law of Attraction & the power of your thoughts and words. Prior to that time I was the epitome of dysfunction. I had no self-esteem or personal value and was addicted to drugs. At this point life could not be any more disappointing but deep down in side I knew there had to be something more. It took me many years of consciously choosing to create a new life for myself to truly master the basic principles & break through all the resistance that was blocking me from living my best life. Now that I have mastered the art of creative living, I felt it was time to start showing other people how they can do the same!

Q) Along with being the creator of magnetic vision boards you are also a life coach, writer and a motivational speaker, Can you share with our readers, one tip you use to manage your time.

A) List's! I am religious about making myself daily to do list's to keep me on track. I also follow the basic principle "If it takes 10 minutes or less... Just do it NOW!" Anything that takes me longer than 10 minutes to accomplish, I schedule the time in my calendar to ensure it gets completed at a later time.

Q) If our readers where considering a life coach, what questions should they ask a prospective coach to see if they were the right fit for them? If they wanted to contact you how could they do that?

A) Another Great question. If you are considering working with a life coach (and I strongly encourage everyone to try!) I would ask the potential coach where they had their training along with what they expect they can do for you. Education in any field is vitally important to be sure the person can do an adequate job. Unfortunately, Coaching is one of those Fields where you can get licensed in just one weekend. I would caution you to really consider hiring a coach who has much more extensive training through a program that is accredited through the ICF (International Coaching Federation). There are only about 26 schools in the country that the ICF recognizes as adequate training. Furthermore, by asking the coach what they EXPECT they can do for you, allows them to confidently share what tools & skills they have that can most benefit your life. For example; I expect great change to transpire in your life, I expect you to start living a more fulfilled life filled with joy without resistance & I know I have the tools needed to help you get out of your own way so you can start living your best life possible right now! I can share this with you confidently with you largely in thanks to not only the experience I have had but also because of the extensive training I have had. 

I would love it if anyone would like to contact me & experience what coaching can do for them or even just to gain a little inspiration! They can contact me via email at or through my website or on Facebook at

Q) You offer a very unique product on your website, a magnetic vision board. Can you tell us how having a vision board has effected your life.

A) Wow, I dont even know where to start :) About 5 years ago Vision Boards became an essential part of my life and still play a active roll toady. Vision boards bring life to your Dreams. By creating visual images to your goals you make it tangible to your mind. You see, the mind doesn't know the difference between what is "real" or not, just like when you have a bad dream & you wake up sweating or feeling lost because it FELT so real. If the mind believes your goal is real then so does your belief system which removes any resistance standing in your way of activating the laws of attraction and ultimately manifesting your dreams. Creating Vision Boards allowed me to start making the "unbelievable" Believable and has allowed me to fulfill EVERYTHING I have set my mind to. There is not one single thing in my life today that I did not create wither it was consciously or unconsciously. The conscious items that I created validate my visualization practices are working while the unconscious manifesting shows me where my wondering thoughts are directed. Luckily for me, thanks to years of practice, my unconscious attracting is still always in alignment for my higher good. Vision boards taught me how to stay focused by being conscious of the words I am using, the thoughts I am thinking & the Feelings I am feeling so that I got into the habit of creatively choosing everything that goes out.

Q) What is the benefit to your customers who use your magnetic vision boards over those who create their own vision boards?

A) There are many benefits to our Kits compared to constructing a traditional vision board. Magnetic Vision Boards started because I too was a customer at once looking for a kit that would simplify the process. Unfortunately for me, there was nothing out there so thus was born the Magnetic Vision Board Kit! Traditional Vision Boards are very time consuming, stationary, adaptable and limiting. To create a traditional board, you would have to filter through magazines or books looking for the right images that "called" to you or inspired you. Then you would glue them to poster board & hid them in your bedroom so no one else saw your 5th grade art project hanging on the wall. (lol) Because the images were glued it made it impossible to change out the items you had already manifested a few weeks later without having to start the whole process over again. At this point in my life I was extremely busy running a full time business and didnt have time to spend hours searching for the right images every few weeks. Initially I created the Magnetic Vision Board for my own personal use, but soon everyone I knew was asking for one. Our kits streamline the process of using the laws of attraction. Because they are magnetic you can effortlessly interchange your goals as your goals change. I also designed the frames so your vision board conforms with your everyday life & can be displayed anywhere without looking like an eyesore. The magnets included in our kits offer vibrant inspirational photos and positive affirmations for all aspects of your life such as Money, Health/Wellness, Relationships, Success & Spirituality. Furthermore, we also included a blank Magnetic Sheet so you can create custom magnets to meet your specific goals.

Q) Do you have anything else you would like to share with our readers that might be of benefit to them?

A) I think in closing I would like to share some food for thought; "We are all Dying but only a few of us are truly living. "This statement couldn't be any more true... To many of us spend our lives going through the motions without really Living. Fear keeps us stuck in that job, relationship, from trying new things or becoming who we truly are. Fear is JUST a Thought in your mind... discover the possibilities & LET IT GO!

Bonnie Oudsema is an amazing individual and her magnetic vision boards are fantastic. Thank you again Bonnie, for taking the time to talk so candidly with our guest. I got a lot out of this interview with you and I know our guest will as well.

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