List Of Affirmations

Use our extensive list of affirmations as they are or choose to create your own  or customize the ones in our lists. Don’t worry I’ll show you how to write your own too.

First things first, though. If Positive affirmations are an all new thing to you, you may have a few questions, and I’d like to take the time to answer those questions.

If you have never used affirmative statements, please click on using positive affirmations to learn the most effective ways to use them as well as the most effective way to write affirmation statements. 

The List

  • Abundance affirmations: Looking for wealth and abundance? Then look no further. On this page you will find statements you can start to implement into your life today. My actions draw abundance to me in all that I do.
  • Affirmation of love: Whether your looking for self love, you want to find your soul mate, or you just want a little romance, you will find a phrase that suits your needs. I am surrounded by people who love me and I give thanks for that love.
  • Affirmations for health: Here, you will find a list of affirmative statements for healing and living healthy. My body is a temple of everything good and it reflects that good.
  • Affirmations for success: On this page, you will find power affirmations to catapult you to success on many different levels. Success is my birthright, I was born to be successful and I am successful.
  • Prosperity affirmations: Find a long list of positive statements for prosperity and abundance all in one place. This is the most diverse collection anywhere. I am easily and openly accepting the prosperity that is inherently mine.
  • Wealth affirmations: This page of wealth assertions and phrases focuses on bringing wealth and money into your life. This page offers a long list of money  and wealth statements to choose from. I have faith that I am being guided in ways that bring amazing wealth.
  • Self Esteem affirmations: This page is loaded with affirmations to build your confidence and self esteem. Gratitude moves me toward high self esteem and confidence.
  • Spiritual affirmations: Build up your spirituality with these spiritual, faith and prayer proclamations. I grow stronger and stronger in my faith everyday.
  • Affirmations for weight loss: If you need to lose a few pounds, you want to fit into those skinny jeans or if you want to make yourself over, you will find a statement here to aid you in accomplishing your goal. My body is getting stronger, slimmer and healthier every day.
  • Affirmations to quit smoking: So, you have decided it’s time to stop that nasty habit, well here are some  affirmative proclamations to help you on your way. I am in control of my cravings and I only crave those things that are healthy for me.
  • Positive self affirmations: Need help creating a better self image? Then check out these supportive statements to get the ball rolling. People are drawn to me and my zest for life.
  • Forgiveness affirmations: Need a boost to help you forgive and forget? You’ll find some great help here. I feel empowered when I forgive myself and others.
  • Motivation affirmations: Having trouble getting motivated? If you need help getting off your keester, then maybe you should check out the list of affirmations on this page. I have unlimited creativity, drive and motivation.

Affirmative statements can be a very powerful tool to have in your toolbox. The list of affirmations above can be used as is or as inspiration to create your own. Be sure to choose those that resonate best with you to make them even more powerful. The More you feel what you are saying the more power they will have.

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