Law of Vibration
What frequency are you vibrating on?

The Law of Vibration, one of only 12 Universal Laws,states that the world around us is in constant motion and everything vibrates on its own frequency.

There are no two things in this world that are exactly alike and as unique as each one of these things is, so is it’s own universal vibration or frequency.

O.K. What does that mean? You might be wondering. Well, the simple answer is that all matter, that means you, me and that chair you’re sitting on vibrates at a certain frequency. Each part of us, and that chair ,are made up of sub atomic particles that are in constant motion at all times. Gasses vibrate at one frequency, solids and liquids on another. Basic science stuff really.

What else is important about this Universal Law?

Like frequencies attract like frequencies. In other words, likes attract likes (and they say opposites attract. Not true). Think about it. The people you are most drawn to share either a common trait of yours, a common interest, or in someway have something in common with you.

This is exactly how this spiritual law works. Each vibration is drawn to other vibrations that share a common thread. Which means that positives are attracted to positives and negatives are attracted to negatives. Have you ever heard misery loves company? It’s the law of vibration at work.

Why is this important to me?

Well, lets see. If you want good things in your life you have to attract good things and to attract good things you have to be good. WOW, was that a mouth full!

O.K, O.K, so it all boils down to your thoughts and actions which both vibrate on their very own frequencies. Have you heard of, what you think about you bring about. 

How do I make this Universal Law work for me?

Be conscious of the vibrations you are giving off. Be positive in your thoughts, words, and actions. Evaluate the vibration frequency of the thing you want most and mimic that vibration.

EXAMPLE: If money is what you desire then you need to be on the same frequency as money. How do you do that?, you ask. Well first you have to think about how you feel when you have enough money. If you have never had enough money then think about how you would feel if you did. Then you need to act on those feelings. 

For me, having enough money means feeling free of stress because the bills are paid, eating well, and occasionally rewarding myself for a job well done. Having enough money makes me feel good. So, I don’t get upset when there is an unexpected expense. I just pay it and have faith that when I need it the money will be there.

The “act as if law“

I sometimes refer to the Law of Vibration as the “Act As If Law“ or the "Be...Do...Have... Law" What I mean by this, is that if you “act as if” you already have what you desire then you will be on the same vibrational frequency as that which you desire. If you are on the same vibrational frequency as that which you desire, then that is what you attract into your life. Remember, likes attract likes

NOTE: I recently came across this awesome article on the lawofattraction123 website that explains this idea in great detail. To read more about this go to Be... Do... Have...

Ways to change your vibrations for the better.

Here are some basic ways to improve your vibration and get you on the right frequency.

  • Repeat positive affirmations.
  • Visualize and feel what you want.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.
  • Act as if you already have what you desire.
  • Be aware of your thoughts and actions.
  • Give back, with your time or with monetary donations.
  • Quite your mind, meditate, Take time to think about nothing.
  • Talk about what you want and not what you don’t want.
  • Be selective in your thoughts or thought vibrations.

Final thoughts on the Law of Vibration.

The Law of Vibration in a nutshell is. That everything is on its own frequency and to attract that which you desire you need to be on the same frequency of that which you desire.

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