The Universal law of Gender
"All Hopes and Dreams Have a Gestational Period"

The Law of Gender, the Universal Law that states all things have both masculine and feminine attributes and all things need time to gestate and grow. 

Knowledge is Power

This law is the final law of the 12 Universal Laws and I think it completes the circle of laws nicely.

This Universal Law is one that is left out of many books. You won’t find many Law of Attraction books highlighting this law. The reason is, they are afraid that this law will scare you off. I think, however that knowledge is power. So, please keep reading.

There are two parts to this Universal Law. The first is that there are both male and female components to all things in nature. The other is that all things need a gestational period. This includes thought as well.

The masculine/feminine portion of this law

Even though we consider ourselves either male or female, we have both male and female aspects to ourselves. Some are more dominant that others, but they both exist none the less. The feminine is the soft sensibility and the masculine is the protective wage earner side. I am not saying that all woman are sensitive and incapable of being protective or to earn an income hear or vise versa. This just shows we are all capable of both.

Everywhere in nature you see both feminine and masculine aspects of the same. Plants, animals, minerals and many others. It takes both sides to create or to produce in nature. It is important to understand this so that we might become more in tune with the two sides and benefit from both.

The Most Important Thing To Know About this Law

The most important thing you need to get from the law of gender, is that all things need time to grow, time to mature, time to sprout into being. We see this all through nature. It takes 9 months for a child to grow and be born into this world. All seeds must germinate before sprouting up. All ideas need time to sprout and grow.

What this law states that is important, is that all our hopes and dreams, all our goals, need time to gestate. Nothing happens instantly. If this happened, we would think of an anvil and next thing you know it would be falling down on our heads. 

Think of your ideas, your hopes, dreams, and goals as a seed. When we plant a seed we must water it, tend to it, give it sunlight and fertilize it. Our hopes and dreams work the same way. We must tend to them and if we do this correctly and have faith that when the time is right they will sprout and begin to grow they will. 

If, however, we become impatient and start to disturb the soil before the time is right, then we will see that the seedling had begun to sprout, but now is disturbed and will need more time and more nurturing to survive, otherwise it will die. 

Most people give up just before they succeed. Don’t let this be you. Have you heard the story about the gold miner that spent years panning at a location he was sure was full of gold, to stop panning only three feet away from payday. The next owner of the land of course, reaped all the benefits of this pore sap’s hard work. Don’t let this happen to you. Have faith in the Universal Law of Gender.

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