Law of Divine Oneness
"We are all connected"

The Law of Divine Oneness states that we are all connected, we are all one. We are all part of a whole. That means that all of humanity, all of nature and all of God are one.

Together we are creation. What this Universal Law is stating, is that you and God as well as the rest of the human race are part of the same whole unlike the common belief that you are separate from God and other people.

What Divine Oneness Means

If the above is true, which it is..., then everything we think, feel, speak of, or do relates to an effects all others. Once we start to understand this we can start to identify with the good in others and the more kindness we show to others the closer we become to God and our higher selves.

As our awareness of this law grows so does our connection and awareness of God. This law can create a greater awakening than anything else we have ever tried to comprehend and it is important that we as a human race start to comprehend this Universal Law.

Putting this law to work in the real world

If you are asking the question, How can I put this law to work in my life? The important thing to remember is that we are all connected and if this is true then the way we treat others is how we treat ourselves. So instead of simply reacting when someone does something, first think how you would like to be reacted to in that situation.

This goes for both good situations and bad, whether this person is deserving of praise or in your mind the opposite.

EXAMPLE: Say your spouse is never on time. You might react by yelling or saying things to hurt his/her feelings. If you would first stop and think about what would help you be on time and how you would like this conveyed to you then you would be responding from love instead of anger. Which lets face it that’s what we all want, isn’t it.

If you thought about this you might respond like this: Honey, I really hate to be late and it makes me uncomfortable always being the last to arrive, is there anything we can do to make sure we are on time from now on.

In return, your spouse will in most cases, try really hard to keep you from feeling uncomfortable and try to be on time the next time. He/she will probably also remember this and act out of love the next time you forget to take out the trash as well.

Also, remember losing your temper and getting angry ruins your day also, so in fact when you get mad at him/her you are treating yourself badly as well. Is this making sense? I hope so. 

One last thought on the Law of Divine Oneness

The world responds to you the way you respond to the world. Treat yourself well, by treating others well. Treat others well, by treating yourself well.

The Law of Divine Oneness is only one of the twelve Universal Laws and to get all you want from life it is important that you know and study all 12. These twelve Spiritual Laws as they are often referred to, all work together so I recommend you read and study all twelve.

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