Law of Compensation
"How we can control our compensation"

The Law of Compensation, one of the 12 Universal Laws that states we are compensated in direct proportion to what we put out into the Universe.

This Universal Law is, in a nut shell, the Law of Cause and Effect as it applies to our blessings. If you have not read the Law of Cause and Effect, I suggest you read it also, as it is a sister to this law.

This Law in a Nutshell

law of compensation

When we talk about compensation, many people assume we are talking about money or monitary rewards. Though these things are compensation, they are not the only form of compensation. When we talk about this Universal Law of Compensation, we are talking about any blessing given us in return for our deeds, our thoughts, our words, or feelings.

These compensations can come in the form of money, material possessions, friendships, relationships, experiences and a wealth of other things. It all depends on what you expect to receive for any given deed or task you perform. The thing I want you to understand about this law is that all the things mentioned above come to you in proportion to the deeds you perform, the thoughts you have, the feelings you have, and that which you put out into the universe.

If you expect something for nothing then you are violating this law. It pains me, those people who buy into the get rich quick schemes, because most of them are looking to work 4 hours a week and become a millionaire right from the start. Let’s get real folks. It’s just not gonna happen. Even those who achieve over night success will admit it took years of hard work to finally “over night” become a success.

5 ways to increase your returns

  1. Don’t spend your time thinking about lack, scarcity and what you do not have. Instead spend your time thinking about what you have that you are thankful for. Look at your life and take pleasure in what you already have. Good friends, your home, your work, your family. Whatever your life is like, whatever you are going through, there is something to be thankful for. Focus on that. By focusing on the good, you attract more good into your life
  2. When taking on a task, do your very best, whatever that task may be. By doing and being better you draw bigger and better things to yourself. The only way to increase your potential for compensation is to continually strive to increase your potential in all that you do.
  3. Pay your bills with a grateful heart. Do not begrudge them or try like mad to hold on to that last dollar. If you pay your bills with a thankful heart and spend your money with out fear or worry, then the universe will provide more. Once you start to release money cheerfully you will begin to see the true source of supply.
  4. If you have attracted something unpleasant, then learn from it and set it free. Do not dwell on it or you will bring more of it to you. Look hard at the cause of this unpleasantness, learn from your mistakes, and change what needs to be changed, but do not hold onto the unpleasantness. It has happened, you can not change it, but you can keep it from repeating itself.
  5. Continue to learn, grow and improve. The only way to get more is to give and become more. You’ve heard the saying, “if you continue doing what you have been doing, you will continue to get what you have been getting.”

Final thoughts on the Law of Compensation

When talking about any of the Universal Laws, the most important thing to remember is that it is all up to you. Your fate lies in your hands. The Law of Compensation is no different. Only you can change what you are receiving, only you can increase your compensation.

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