The Law of Action
"the most overlooked law of all the universal laws"

The Law of Action is one of the most overlooked of the Universal Laws, stating that you must take action to get what you desire.

When I say it is the most overlooked I mean in all the books and audios about the Universal laws and the Law of Attraction, they all seem to talk about positive thinking and visualization, not that thats bad, but few talk about the fact that you must also act on these thoughts and feelings. Take the leap! Make it happen!

Take the Leap, Make it Happen

You can not bring what you want into being, without taking action. Yes, positive affirmations and visualization are important. Everything first starts as a thought in your mind.

Without action, however, these are merely daydreams. Action along with positive intention is what brings your dreams to life. 

What actions should I take?

law of action

Well, my friend, that all depends on what you want. If you are looking for love then you should start acting out of love and start making room in your life for that special person.. If you want to go on vacation, maybe you should start looking up prices and activities you want to do on your vacation and start saving money.

Only you know the actions you must take. I, for example wanted to write about something I loved and work from home. So, I first thought about it, visualized it, made a goal chart and then I took action. I started writing pages about the universal laws and positive affirmations. Now look, I have a website!

You may not know every action to take to get you to your end result, but if you start moving in the direction of your desires, then the doors will start to open, but you must make the first move. However small, if you don’t take that first step you will never take the second and your desires will remain forever in your mind(good place to start, not a good place to stay.)

How do I know if I am taking the right action?

You’ll know. You just have to have faith and listen to your God conscious. Not every step will be the right step per se, but every step in the direction of your desires will get you that much closer. You may stumble along the way, but if you keep moving forward and continue to take action you will come out on top.

Final thoughts on the Law of Action.

I have not always taken the right steps, but I can say by taking the first step, I have always gotten closer to my dreams. For example: When I decided to by my first home my credit was not great and I made very little money. So, I got my credit report and started addressing the claims. The first step. There were many other steps involved, but a year later I was in my first home. I took the first step and the rest kinda just took care of itself.

The Law of Action states that you must take action to fulfill your dreams. My question to you is, what are you waiting for? Take the first step, the rest will unfold as you need it to. Just have a little faith.

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