It All Changed with Dried Leaves

by Prasenjit Kamble

Sunshine is a part of our daily lives, yet it's importance is only realized when the gloom looms large. It is actually that moment of realization when the all-prevalent sunshine enters our lives.
After the death of my dad, when the responsibility of my entire household fell on me, I was hardly ready for it. For hours and days I used to think of ways I could make a living for myself and my family.
Relatives and friends had ceased to exist...all fair-weather people, I thought. To come out of it I decided to travel along the coastline of India immersing myself in the sands. To accompany me, I took a couple of old and forgotten books from my bookshelf.
I spent the next few days travelling, hardly getting the time to read. After all I wasn't travelling to read those books that lay forgotten on my shelf for a forgotten number of years. I was travelling to vacate my mind so that a fresh perspective can enter it breathing in a new lease of life.
On my last day, when I was about to return, there I was sitting on the sands of the Calangute beach surrounded by people enjoying the beach and the beautiful sunset, when I casually skimmed through my bag when my hands touched a book. In the euphoria surrounding me, I unknowingly opened and started skimming. before I knew anything more, I was hooked on to the book. Page after page, the book revealed answers to questions my mind had been searching through the sands and sunsets in the weeks that had followed. Guy Finley's "Banish Your Fears and Negativity" changed my life forever.

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