Inspirational Prayers

Inspirational prayers are those that make our hearts smile. Prayer is our way of talking to God, and when we mix that with inspiration and we have a good flow in that communication the power behind us is unmatched by anything else we will ever do.

On this page I have compiled a few different kinds of prayer. Read the description below and simply follow the link to that specific page to find the type of inspiration you are looking for.


  • The full serenity prayer:  On this page you will find the full version of the serenity prayer as well as a condensed version and an alternate version.
  • Short prayers:  On this page I have put together several different short prayers that are easy to remember. I bet you already know some of them.
  • Popular prayers: Here you will find a handful of popular and well know prayers including the Lords Prayer, a Child's Bedtime Prayer and many others.
  • Inspirational Poem Prayer: This is a prayer poem that I wrote about ten years ago. This poem really helped me to find myself when I was going through a tough time. I hope you find it inspiring.
  • Gratitude Prayer: I once heard and strongly believe that if the only prayer you ever say is thank you then that is enough. Find out how easy it is to create your own gratitude prayer here and also discover one written by E. E. Cummings.

I also thought you might like to read some quotes on prayer because sometimes it's just nice to see what others have to say about the power of prayer.

I hope This collection does inspire you. I will be adding other categories of prayer to this site and will be asking others to contribute their favorites  as well so, please visit often. 

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