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I hope you like this inspirational poem prayer. I wrote this inspirational prayer nearly 13 years ago and have decided to share it with you here today. It’s not fancy and it doesn't rhyme, it does however, remind us that we must continue to be ourselves in all situations.

Dear God

Dear god,
Give me the courage,

To be nothing more than
When the world does all
It can
To make me what
I’m not.
Give me the strength
To be strong and trudge
Toward my dreams,
When the world tries to drag me
Give me belief
In those I encounter
In this
When the world does all
It can
To confuse and mislead my
Give me the wisdom to know
From wrong,
While this world
All it’s misdirected beliefs Upon me.
Give me love,
In my sometimes solemn
When the world around me
Does all it can
To break it.

I struggled with whether or not to put this prayer on this site. It is not necessarily positive, but it helped me in a time when I was struggling to find myself, and I thought some of you here may find it helpful as well.

I’m sure some of you are writers as well and if you have written an inspiring poem prayer, I would love for you to share it with us and our readers. So, if you are a budding poet or even an experienced poet please share your inspiration with us by filling in the form below.

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