Interview with Ineke Van Lint

Ineke Van Lint is a very successful life coach, author, and painter. She is also the owner of the website that offers so many positive things. When I asked her to do this interview with us, she was very eager to share her insights and I believe you will find what she has to say, very inspiring and encouraging. 

The Interview

Q) Ineke, your website has a very loyal following and your readers really love what you offer, may I ask what prompted you to start your website?

A) Well, some years ago, one of the students who attended one of my workshops, said to me: "why don't you create a website to share your ideas with the whole world, so much more people could profit from your teachings and your enthusiasm!" At the same time, the name of my website was born! And from then on it went pretty fast. I give my workshops here where I live in French and Dutch, but the English language would make it possible to reach people all over the world.

Q) On your site you tell your story and in that you talk about finding your life purpose and I was wondering if you would, share with our readers why it was so important for you to find your life purpose and can you give our readers any tips on discovering their own life purpose?

A) Why it was so important to find my life purpose? Because I was so frustrated not knowing what to do in my life. I was psychologist but didn't like the work in institutions with depressed people, I got depressed myself. I thought that working as a psychologist was boring and I would fall asleep listening to all the stories of everyone. I had 4 children and was tired most of the time, always wondering what the very reason was I was on Earth. I couldn't be my children (which I love very much!) cause I still was tired all the time. It must be something else, I thougt. So I started to look for it, I felt this urge in myself, I had to find what I was looking for. And I found it, almost by accident. While moving to another house, I stumbled upon a little booklet I wrote myself many years ago, with questions and answers about the meaning of life. I totally had forgotten about this booklet but there, in 2000, it fell in my hands again. I read it again and was perplex. I found my four key-talents and at the same time found peace with my choice being a psychologist. I offered myself the permission to be a psychologist "my way", being myself, using my key-talents, day after day. And doing this, I got so much energy, so much joy, so much meaning in my life, that only after three months I started my first workshop "what is the purpose of your life?", offering about 40 written exercises to the students to help them finding out their own key-talents, their type, their success formula, their Life Plan, their biggest dream and the meaning of their life. This program really brings everyone to the answers to these questions: "who am I and what is the purpose of my life?"

Quick Tips To Find The Meaning In Your Life

  • What would you love to do or accomplish before you die? 
  • What would you be, do & have if it was impossible for you to fail?
  • What were the activities or tasks you were doing when you felt most empowered?
  • What activities bring you extraordinary focus? 
  • What activity significantly increases your energy level?
  • What are you infinitely curious about? What inspires you? 
  • What was missing most in your childhood, what hurt you most? 
  • What is the most profound experience you would like to give to others after they have met you?
  • What is something you loved to do even as a child?

Q) On your site you offer “Vitamins for the soul” which are powerful text messages your readers can sign up for, for free. Can you tell us a little about the types of messages you might send your subscribers.

A) I send out messages that I find myself powerful, messages that touch you in the heart, that make you change your mindset or that offer a new kind of perspective on your situation. These are texts I write myself or I read somewhere else and want to share with my readers. And since everything is so well orchestrated in our Universe, people often tell me the texts are really what they needed to know that day when they received them. How nice!

Q) You also offer one on one consultations via phone and Skype for a nominal fee. Would you like to share with our readers what a consultation with you might involve?

A) We start a consultation with the problems the person wants to share with me and for which he/she is looking for an answer. I first listen and then I ask questions to clear out the situation and especially about the assets and good things in the person's life. I can sense what it is really about and what the deep needs of this person are, and then I hand out advice and tools to empower the person, to free his potential, to make him believe in himself again, to give him faith again and to put him on track again. If the person does not know what the purpose of his life is, what his "track" is, than we point this out together, by me asking focused questions. Generally people need to gain self confidence, to boost their self-esteem and to believe in themselves. They need to find their way back to their heart, to their original dream, to their Life Plan. I tell them about all this and we look together which is their unique Life Plan.

Q) You are a very talented artist as well and it would not be right to do an interview with you if I didn’didn't mention your wonderful silk paintings. Could you share with us what drew you to the art of silk painting and what it means to you as an artist.

A) As a child, when I felt lonely and all by myself in my room (most of the time), I used to draw a lot and make poems. When I was 26 years old, I lived in Africa and had time to kill (I did not work there and didn't have any children yet) so I looked for drawing classes but didn't find any. I met a woman there from Costa Rica who painted on silk. I asked her if she wanted to show me how to do it. Since that very first moment silk painting became a passion, like a virus, I HAD to do it! I painted night and day there and a few months later I held my first exposition and started my own class at my home there, for 8 different nationalities, teaching in 4 different languages at the same time. I painted a lot in that period of my life.

Now I paint maybe 3 or 4 times a year only, during several days. Those are wonderful moments. I put some beautiful music on and I move up on the vibrational stairway to a place I call "heaven". I lose any notion of time and space, I am so totally absorbed by my painting that I forget to eat, to drink. This is paradise on earth! Divine inspirational moments. I am so lucky to receive this.

It is so nice! I read somewhere that Creativity is the shortest way to God. Well, I agree!

Sometimes people ask me to paint something personal for their house or their business or wellness center. Last year I was asked to make 12 paintings on the topic "pregnancy" for a wellness center with spa for pregnant woman. I loved it!

Q) You offer some very powerful products on your site and I am most intrigued by your book “Free Your Potential”, Can you share with us what the inspiration for this book was.

A) Well, a year after I had created my first workshop about

"what is the purpose of your life?", I felt something was missing AFTER having found the purpose of one's life. I saw that many people, after having found their purpose, felt stuck, blocked themselves and had a difficult time staying focused on their goal. The purpose in your life gives you the big direction where to head to, like the Lighthouse. You absolutely need to know where your Lighthouse is. But once you know, you still have to go there. The purpose in your life gives you the overall direction, and after this you need to fix goals and develop a concrete action plan with steps and actions to take. You need to keep yourself motivated and focused on what you want to achieve. You need to create new habits, called success habits. This book "Free your potential and create success" is all about fixing and achieving goals. I read everything I found on the market on this topic and made kind of an "encyclopedia" for success. I offer 53 written exercises for unlocking your potential, knowing exactly within little details what you want to achieve, how to create an action plan, how to stick to it and the best tips to stay motivated. I end my book with the habits of success one should develop and with lists of positive affirmations to create your own mantra.

Q) Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers that you think may be of some use to them?

A) Well yes. If I had to say only one thing, this is it: you are a diamond, a wonderful being, led to believe you are worth nothing. People who thought they were caring for your best interest, put a layer of dirty dust on your diamond, so you think of yourself you are not brilliant anymore. But remember your Real You: you are a diamond, a divine spark temporarily living in a human body to have some experiences on earth. You came here with a mission, a Life Plan, consisting of your unique contribution to make this world a better place of Love and Understanding. Take the dust off your diamond and let yourself shine again. You are brilliant! You are great! And if I can help you shine again by empowering you and discover your purpose of life, I am happy. Because this is MY purpose in life!

Q) Ineke Van Lint is an extraordinary individual and I would like to thank her for taking the time to answer these questions for us and for sharing herself with you our guests. If you would like to know more about her or if you would like to have a one on one consultation with her you can visit her website to get more details.

What others have to say about Inekek Van Lint

self-discovery and life in a fresh approach, innovative, in joy and good humor ~Sylvie

It provides me with the ultimate information to help accomplish my goals!! ~ Lizette

This site helps to solve all my problems ! I get energy ! I don't lose any more energy ~ Benny

The website is clear, nice, colorful, and full of positive thoughts! everybody should share the enthusiasm from this site. ~Bieke

Positively positive!! ~Daniel

I am always inspired by Ineke’s words, she really wants to help people and she speaks from the heart! ~Angilelique

Ineke Van Lint, the maker of the site is just an enthusiastic person herself, anyone can C that. She's a shining light herself in these dark days. ~Mieke

The Enthusiasm gives a present for your soul each day . ~Erwin

In the most passionate & authentic way, the site digs deep into one's inner calling and encourages it to be set free. The energy is electric ... Rgds, ~Dorian 

I personally can state that the results obtained by Ineke Van Lint are satisfying in all perspectives. ~Andre

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