In Hindsight

by Marsha
(Toledo, OH)

It wasn't until about a year ago when I'd paid more attention to the law of attraction. Someone brought it to my attention and I'm not sure they really wanted me to know about it entirely.

Nevertheless, after thinking about it I realized that I'd done it (used the law) many times without knowing it. Jobs I wanted, schools I planned to attend, money I needed in rough patches, etc.

Well, after watching a documentary, I decided to apply the law of attraction to new concerns. Everything has fallen into place, a work-from-home job, resolutions to difficult personal matters, and more. The thing that convinces me, however, is how things go haywire when I am feeling negative.

This may not be very concrete, but most of my life I've had strings of strange luck. Once I started focusing on thinking positively, I stopped having strange occurrences. Yet, every time I enter a slump due to some unanticipated mishap and am not so focused it seems like things spiral out of control.

Anyway, I decided to re-investigate universal laws in general and "stumbled" upon this site. :) I can't wait to unlock more positive energy!

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