by Grey
(New York, NY)

I sat down for a couple of hours jotting down what I was lacking and missing in life until it dawned on me & contemplated on how we use our minds to create. You've heard it all before, "You are what you think", & guess what, a lot of people don't realize it. There have been times in my short life that I have really wanted something and simply thinking about it, manifested it into reality. Ever since high school whereby a financial analyst came to speak to our class, my dream was to work at wall st as a financial analyst. The motivation was money which is no longer the issue. Now passion reigns in my life rather than material possessions which is another story. Anyhow I thought about consistently through college about my dream & things looked gloomy for me as I was on the verge of quitting & simply being an example of total failure until a friend of mine who I usually don't chat with called me & gave me the best news in the world. He told me there was a class we could take for $500 and right after we would get sponsored by a firm. It was too good to be true but thats exactly how it happened and I was super excited to tread on this new path of mine.

P.S. Write what you want & visualize it on daily basis for 30 minutes or so & see magic unfold before your eyes.

Peace,love & light

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