I thought i never was.

by nancyabernathy
(new london north carolina usa)

I am presently in a partial hospitalization program and one of the first things they had us doing was to talk about self-affirmations. I was unable to do the request. I had to have help from the group but it wasn't like I believed it myself cause it came from them. Then we got into role playing and I went up against my controlling mom.

From the affirmation list I had had to come up with which was like building a stick man from nothing, I began to assert myself. I began to see i had positive things in myself. I had to be coached along some with the confrontation role play but I became stronger. The therapist said I really showed positive thinking abilities where before I was so negative.

I still have much to work on but I am holding to thinking positively that this go round I will learn the skills to really make a change in my life, or get started.

It has taken me years of therapy and numerous hospitalizations to come to recognizing this fact of positive thinking, not 'stinking thinking'! I have been negative for so long it was natural for me. But I have basically exhausted all medications to help my depression, borderline personality, ptsd, schizoaffective, bipolar disorder. I was running dry with my therapist and P.H. was offered to me. When I went for 'in-take' I toldthem I had all hopes to learn this time to change my life in a positive way...however long it took. P.H. is onlu 3 weeks long but I have learned to think better of myself. To have a positive outlook, but honestly I still have a ways to go for I am just a chick in the program. I now understand the purpose of positive thinking. To uphold ones idea of something as better than before.

May your stickman of positive thinking and affirmations reach forth and stand all together...this day forward.

Nancy Abernathy

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