i have a lot to learn

by katie
(conyers, ga)

A few months ago my husband and i got into a pretty huge fight. I went to stay at my parents house wondering wether or not divorce would be the anwser.I did alot of thinking and a lot of soul searching. Honestly i still am not sure.

That night instead of making any decision about that matter i decided that i would start taking better care of my own self. I soon as i arrived back home i enrolled into school for massage therapy which has been my dream for years and years and years. I truely feel like its my calling.

Since being back home i have picked myself up began working on my self esteem self worth self confidence. I started yoga meditation and positive affirmations. I feel so good about myself. I still dont know if my marriage is going to work out or not but i do know that whatever happens i am going to be just fine.

I do know life is too short to hold anger and resentment in. I really want to get this stuff down so that i can enjoy life better. I want to teach my son these things now so that he wont have such a difficult time figuring it out later.

I am still so young and have much to learn about it all. I am learning to enjoy the ride though which i feel is a big step forward from a few months ago. Even after writing this i see that i have come a long way already.

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