i am that i am (The power of faith)

Hi ive never really told anyone this but I had some hard times this year financially in such a way that my son not having a good christmas was a possibility. Interestingly i was in the middle of the book think and grow rich by napoleon hill. Two weeks before christmas the idea that I could think myself into a situation that would enable me to provide a great christmas for my son was very appealing however doubtful To say the least. I decided to muster up the faith to pray on the issue while visualizing, experiencing the christmas I desired for my son to have. Twice a day, once when I awoke and once before bed. I was unemployed at the time and a big part of myself believed that my efforts were in vain, but another side of me felt as if it were true that what we think we become, and that part of myself is where I placed my FAITH.

Sunday the day before christmas I saw no results but surprisingly my FAITH was stronger.Then I get a call from my mother who had come into unexpected money and wanted to spend a good amount on me and wala my son, who had the christmas I (created.) Buddha taught all we become is what we think, Jesus taught that faith in that thought is where the power lies and Napoleon Hill taught how to induce faith. we never attract what we want we always attract what we are. Thank you for reading this if we are related we have just met.

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