I am most thankful for...

I am most thankful for my family, my dog, and my friends. All three of things have something in common – they are always there for me. Without them, my life would be lonely and boring. My family has always been there for me. I know that they will support me no matter what trouble I get into or whatever help I need. They have been behind me whether it’s my education, athletics, or personal life.

Growing up, my family was always close. We ate dinner together every night, went on many vacations, and spent afternoons together watching football over the weekend.

My dog is the newest addition to my family. I live by myself, so she is my companion, my source of protection, and my confidant. Dogs truly are man and woman’s best friend. She understands when I am happy or unhappy. She keeps me company and keeps me fit as an exercise partner, jogging by my side.

Finally, my world would be empty without my friends. I am truly grateful to know that I can call my friends at any time if I need help. They are there to just talk, vent, or hang out and have fun. I treasure the friends that I see often, but also know I have friends are still there for me, even if they are not close in proximity. I can get back together with my friends and it feels like we never skipped a beat. We still have fun and don’t lack in topics to discuss, even though we may not be a part of each other’s ever day lives. I think this is a great trait of a good friend.

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