How to Visualize Something

Learn how to visualize something using tips and techniques along with your five senses and your sixth sense to bring that visualization to life. If you are new to visualizing, then this may seem like a hard task. On this page, though, I will show you tips, techniques and practical exercises to make visualizing easy.

For some, creative visualization comes easy. Some people can see clearly, things in there mind’s eye, where others have a difficult time doing this. Well, for those that have a hard time, there is good news. You don’t have to see a vivid picture in your mind in order for this technique to work in your life. 

Let’s get started.

6 Visualization tips and techniques

To properly visualize something and to get the most out of visualization you need to use your five senses, sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch as well as your sixth sense which is your internal feelings. Follow the steps below and you will know how to visualize something in no time. So lets start with step one.

  1. Sight: The first thing you want to do when visualizing something, is to see it as clear as you can. If you can not do this just yet, don’t worry, practice makes perfect. Lets say you want a new car. See in your minds eye the color of the car in rich detail, maybe it’s candy apple red with chrome detailing, and flames down the side, tan leather interior with a dash that lights up red at night. The stick shift has roman numerals on it in black lettering. Get the picture? Be as specific as you can.
  2. Sound: If we are using the car as the example, you might start with how it sounds when you put the key in the door to open it. Then maybe the hum of the engine once you start the car. The sound of your favorite song playing on your rockin’ stereo system. The sound of the gears slowly moving into gear and the sound of the engine as you press on the accelerator.
  3. Taste: O.K you might not use this one when visualizing a new car, but for now lets say you do. Maybe you stop off at a local diner where you are meeting your friends to show off that new car. What are you eating? Is it sweet, salty, sour, or maybe a little bitter? How about what you are drinking, is it refreshing? Is it sweet? Really taste it.
  4. Smell: Now back to the car. When you sit inside what do you smell? Can you smell the freshness of the leather seats? Does it smell like a new car? Have you put in your favorite air freshener? When you roll down the window can you smell the crisp autumn air flowing through the inside of the car mixing with the smell of leather?
  5. Touch: Run your hand down the side of the car. Feel how slick the paint feels under your hand. Sit in the driver’s seat and feel how comfortable the seat is under you. Wrap your hands around the steering wheel and feel, is it soft, is it hard? Now, grab the stick shift and ease it into gear. Feel how it feels in your hands.
  6. Feeling: Now it is time to use your sixth sense. The one that tells you how you feel about something. Imagine now how you will feel when you drive that new car off the lot. Are you excited? Are you smiling? How about when you show your friends the car. Do you feel a sense of pride? Are you doing somersaults inside your head?

Practical exercise for learning how to visualize something

If you are just learning how to visualize something, you may not know where to start. So I have put together this little exercise that will help you get started.

First lets go out to your backyard. Look around and take in all the scenery. Pay attention to all the little details. Listen to all the sounds around you. Like the birds singing, the crickets chirping and even the sound of the traffic as it goes by, if you have traffic near you. 

Now, take a deep breath in and smell the fragrance in the air. Can you smell honey suckle or maybe you can smell freshly cut grass? You can walk around and smell the flowers, the trees or whatever you wish. 

Reach out and feel the bark of the trees, the silkiness of the flowers, the dew on the grass. Then ask yourself, how does being in your backyard make you feel? Are you happy, are you peaceful, or maybe you’re uneasy because you haven’t finished that project you wanted to? Like the new deck. Whatever it is, feel it.

Now, what I want you to do, is to go back inside and lie down somewhere comfortable in a room where the backyard is not visible. Close your eyes and visualize your backyard using the visualization techniques I taught you above. Use all your senses and really visualize the yard just as you saw it. 

This should be easier than visualizing your dream home that you have never seen, but if you are still having difficulties, don’t worry. You just need to practice a little.

When you’re first learning how to visualize something, it is best to start with things you are familiar with, then gradually build up to those things that are not as familiar. Another thing you can do when your first learning how to visualize something is to actually go drive that new car or visit your dream home and use the techniques we used to visualize your back yard.

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