How to Think Positive

Positive thinking is not one of our natural senses.

Knowing how to think positive isn't like breathing. We are not born with this ability. These techniques are not taught in schools and few of us have had the luxury of having parents who knew what positive thinking was all about, However our thought process is very important to maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle.

 Many of us know what thinking positively is, but not all of us know how to be positive or how to maintain an upbeat attitude. So for those of you who need a little help I have put together a list of tips to help you maintain a positive mental attitude.

Tips and Techniques

how to think positive
  1. Smile: It has been scientifically proven that the mere act of smiling can improve your overall mood and outlook on a situation.

  2. Volunteer: When you get out of yourself and start focusing on others you stop focusing on how bad you’ve got it and instead focus on what you have that you can give.

  3. Set goals: Those who have a goal they are working toward tend to focus on the possibilities that lie ahead versus the current negative situations they are facing.

  4. Recite positive affirmations or positive statements: This will help train your mind to focus on more productive thoughts.

  5. Listen to uplifting music: Music has a way of moving us in ways nothing else can. So, try making a cd of your favorite songs. You know the ones that make you smile.

  6. Find an inspirational quote: Browse inspirational quotes and print out the ones that move you. Hang them up where you can see them every day.

  7. Get a haircut: People tend to feel better about themselves when they look good. So, stop putting it off. Get a haircut, get a manicure or pedicure, buy yourself a new outfit.

  8. Avoid negative people: You can’t always avoid all negative people but, you can make a conscious decision to walk away when someone is being negative and you can refuse to play into the negativity.

  9. Surround yourself with positive people: If your friends are negative Nellies then you need to make new friends. Hang out with those people you hope to be more like. Those who have a positive attitude and outlook on life.

  10. Turn your face to the sun: The sun provides the body with the much needed vitamin D. It also increases the happy element in the brain. Some people get the winter blues in winter time because they don’t get enough of these things.

  11. Laugh: They say laughter is the best medicine and they aren’t lying. Rent your favorite comedy from the local movie store or get tickets to your local comedy club the next time you need a boost.

  12. Play: Your never to old to introduce a little play into your life. Run around the back yard with your dog, have a pillow fight with friends, smear a little icing on your partners nose the next time you have cup cakes. It is very difficult to be anywhere except in the present moment when play is involved.

  13. Daydream: Think about all the great trips you plan to take, fantasize about that dream home. These things tend to make us smile.

  14. Find the positive in all situations: Instead of finding and tuning into the negative elements in every challenge try to find the good in them. Like maybe instead of getting upset that you have to work late, focus on the extra income you can use to purchase something you really want.

Learning how to think positive doesn't have to be a chore. It can be fun. Make it a challenge for yourself. See how many things on this "how to think positive tips list" above, you can incorporate in a single day. Productive thinking and a positive attitude will soon become a way of life for you if you just devote a little time to getting happy.

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