How to Stop Thinking Negative Thoughts

Learning how to stop thinking negative thoughts is not easy, yet wanting to stop negative thinking is certainly the first step. Let’s face it. Negative thoughts are poisonous. They creep into our minds and start poisoning the life within us. They slowly chip away at our confidence, our integrity and our God given abilities.

So What do we do about our negative thoughts?

Everyone is on a different level when it comes to their negative thinking. Some have the occasional negative though while others have negativity racing through their veins. So to start, you need to incorporate positive thoughts in, where you would normally have negative ones.

How do we stop them?

We start by incorporating positive affirmations into our daily routine. Yes, I said positive affirmations. Simply stating affirmations a couple times a day will start you on your journey. If the rest of your day is not as positive, don’t worry. There are steps to take there as well, but for now let’s find a place where you can start. This is a simple step you can take that can make a big difference.

I won’t tell you how to create these affirmations on this page because there is another article on this site dedicated to making your own positive affirmations. If you would like more information on this topic please visit our using positive affirmations page. What I will tell you on this page, is that the simple act of reciting affirmations begins the shift in your mind from negative to positive.

Stop negative thoughts from entering your mind.

Let’s be honest. You can’t stop the negative thoughts altogether, but you can start to minimize how many do arise, over time. I know you don’t want to hear this, but there is no magic trick. It takes practice and consistency. 

If you want to know how to stop negative thoughts, then you need to learn how to start thinking positive thoughts. It’s true. They say habits can’t be stopped, they have to be replaced. Negative thinking is just that. A habit.

Things you can do to stop the negative thinking are…

  • Start noticing when they creep up. ( knowing the triggers are half the battle)

  • When you notice you are having a negative thought, try and put a positive spin on it.(take baby steps, a positive spin is better than no positivity at all.)

  • Make a conscious effort to think positively about something you are generally negative about (like going to work at a job you hate.)

  • Spend some time on those things you are naturally positive about (like a hobby you enjoy.)

When you focus on how to stop thinking these thoughts, you give them power. So do your self a favor and don’t concentrate on stopping them. Use your time to start thinking positive, not on not thinking negative. Stop asking yourself how to stop thinking negative thoughts, start asking how you can be more positive. 

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