by sidney

I had not seen it before done anywhere. A total of 20 buses in ckd had just been docked and our plant appointed to build the london coaches.
I was put in team to do the job.
We hadn't seen it done. No worry this was my turn to be creative.
The line drawings were offered.
I told me ,,,yes i can.
I had to devise a totally local method for there w2ere no overhead cranes on runners.
I made tressels, built the bus sides on them to hoist up latter, Yes we did by carrying them 30 men in a file , hoisted them and pinned them on to bus frames. WE SKINNED THE BUSES, FITTED INNER TRIM PAINTS ETC..Not many believed the buses were built in our country Kenia, They served on our roads and latter reconditioned and re exported to UK. I had to be creative to see in the eye of the designer. And thats positive.

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