Here I am full of hope and waiting

by A grateful soul
(London, UK)

Here I am full of hope and waiting
Waiting for the sun and the moon to do their thing
For the night and the day to grace me with their constancy
I don't wish to take anything for granted
So keep me humble and let me be modest in all things

If I were to die tomorrow
I want to have known the value of love
The kindness and sincerity of friends
The support of family who make me strong
Making me feel welcomed on this earth.

Let me say thanks every day
Let me walk and praise what is in front of me
Let me think only happy thoughts
Let me believe that all will be taken care of.

As always, we forget
That every breath has a choice
To air in and out the life we need
The life that is a gift but that we,
Silly human beings, throw away with worry and doubt.

I wish to live today as it is my first
As it is my final one
Without fear and without regrets
Let everyone know I am not upset
I am not angry, I am not hurt
My wish is just to forgive
Folly of man and pride.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you
Let this lyric be the only song in my head
As I work, dance, eat and drink
There are no two better words to spent.

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