Graciously Grateful

by Alicia Francis

I Am truly grateful for this day 22nd September 2014. It would have been my 17th wedding anniversary...I Am divorced now with two truly wonderful kids. I Am grateful Lord that I Am here with them in my life.

A short while ago I was not sure that I would be here to watch them grow, but I prayed and will never forget how far you have brought me out of my illness. I can never ever say THANK YOU ENOUGH LORD NEVER.

Each day is blessing for me and I Am truly, truly grateful. Waking up in the morning, I thank you, hearing the birds sing I thank you, feeling the cool wind as I open the windows, I thank you, waking the kids up for school each morning, I thank you. Preparing their breakfast I thank you. For so many, many little things that may seem like me its everything...Lord I THANK YOU...I AM so Grateful to you for this life, I look forward to the day when I Am even better than I was before, but Your Love, Your Grace has Always lifted me up.

I Am truly humbled by You, my life is truly nothing without you and I am so grateful that I can share you with everyone because you are truly wonderful and I Am grateful.

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