Goals as a motivator

It is extremely important for me to have goals. If I don’t have a goal, I feel like I’m lacking meaning in my life. In my younger years, my goals were all about education. I always wanted to better myself and learn more. The goal was always to get perfect grades and be the best in my class.

Many people in my class didn’t care about grades and didn’t think about the correlation between good grades and their future. For me, the goal was good grades to get accepted to a top-notch university. Once I reached college, my goal was stay focused and prepare for my career. Although I wasn’t at first sure what I wanted to do, the goal was still to do well in class and learn as much as I could.

Rather than preparing for a college, I was not preparing for a job. Again, some students chose to have fun and didn’t focus on class. Without the goal of getting a good job, I would have done the same.

Finally, we have reached today. Now that I have a career and am in the working world, my goal is do work that is noticed by others. I want to be seen by others as an expert in my field. I want to uphold an honorable education and continue to learn more and continue to excel in my field.

If I wasn’t motivated, there would be no reason to go to work every day and I wouldn’t feel good about myself. Without a goal or big project to complete at work, I feel like I’m not living up to my potential. I want to constantly better myself and set higher goals. Goals are my way of motivating myself to get through tough times or good times. I need something to work toward or I don’t feel good about myself.

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