What is a Goal Chart?
How Do I make My Own Charts?

A goal chart is a device used for goal tracking. They don’t have to be high tech, though some are. They don’t have to be complex, though some are. They just need to be able to track your goals in an efficient way that keeps you motivated.

Below, I will talk about three different types of charts that I personally use. They are all simple to use, are highly motivating and are easy to put together.They all perform the duty of goal tracking, it all depends on what works best for you. Also,  at the end of this page you will find resources for printable goal charts as well as my personal book recommendations for setting goals.

The simple graph chart

graph goal chart

This chart is made from a simple poster board. Supplies you will need include:

  1. Poster board with graph squares.
  2. Ruler or straight edge
  3. Black ink pen
  4. And markers

The first thing you need to do, is label the top of the poster board with a goal such as house remodeling goals.

Then you need to follow the squares on the poster board to draw out long graphs across the poster board making long rectangles that encompass several of the graph squares. 

Label each rectangle with sub-goals and then label each set number of squares within that rectangle as sub- sub-goals.

Once this is done you can use the colored markers of your choice to fill in the squares as you accomplish the smaller goals, As the squares fill up, eventually you will have a whole rectangle completed and then before you know it the whole chart is colored in and you have accomplished your goals. You can see an example of what this kind of chart looks like to the right.

The sticky chart

sticky goal chart

What you will need to make this chart:

  1. A poster board
  2. Regular size Post-It notes of varying colors
  3. Small Post-It notes of varying colors
  4. An ink pen

The first thing you need to do is label the top of the poster board with your big goal such as starting a web-site.

Then break that big goal down into 10, 12 or 15 smaller goals and write each one of those smaller goals down on it’s own large Post-It note. I like to use different colors for this like maybe alternating between three different colors. It’s easier for me to pick them out when they are all put together on the board.

Once this is done, you can arrange these Post-Its along the top of the board right under where you labeled your main goal.

Now take each one of those smaller goals and break them down into smaller sub-goals and right each one of those on the small post-its. Once you have done that, then line those post-its down the board under the slightly larger goal it supports.

For example, for this web-site I used this kind of chart and the top was labeled positive thinking web site. The large Post-It’s included the main topics I wanted to focus on for the site and the small post-its represented the articles I wanted to write to support the main ideas.

So, my large post it would say positive thinking and my smaller Post-It’s would say things like: importance of positive thinking, thought vibration, positive self-talk, or any other article that might relate.

Once you have completed this you can choose to use one side of the board for unfinished goals and the other side for finished goals or you could do like I did and just get a separate board for the finished goals. 

How it works is simple. When you accomplish one of the smaller tasks you simply remove that sticky, or Post-It over to the board designated done. You can see what my goal chart looks like in the picture to the right.

The technology driven charts

technology based goal charts

These are charts that have been made with some kind of computer technology. They are highly effective and can be customized to fit your personal needs. The most basic of these programs let you color code the goals from most important to least important and will in some cases give you up-dates on the tasks that are due according to the timeline you set forth.

These charts are found on many different sites on the web, you have plenty to choose from, but please don’t go spending your money on some ridiculously expensive program that doesn’t deliver anything more than those programs that are less expensive. Some times less is more. 

A lot of these over-priced goal tracking systems are nothing but noise. They offer all these great bells and whistles that do nothing more that distract you from setting and reaching your goals. I advise, you choose one that does the job without all that extra mumbo jumbo.

Any one of these goal charts will do the job, the trick is discovering the goal chart that works best for you.

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