Gift of Life

by Elouise Mack
(St. Thomas, Virgin Islands (US))

I am most grateful for the gift of life. I begin my day by giving God thanks for the "gift of life", followed by thanksfulness for clarity of thought and a sound mind. In addition, I thank him for eradicating cancer totally and completely out of my body, 5 years ago. I have a gratitude prayer that I got 3 years ago and make that part of my daily devotion. I find that when I give thanks for life and the lessons I have learned through challenging, etc., it takes my mind of the worry and fear of "what next". Being grateful and expressing that gratefulness is therapeutic for me and keeps me focus on the blessings of being alive for such a time as this.

I live on the beautiful island of St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands, where I have been a resident for 30 years. I had no idea that when I relocated here from New Jersey I would still be here 30 years later. I am grateful that God allowed me to live here, meet lovely people, enjoy lovely weather 365 days of the year. Truly life is beautiful and I get to play in this expansive planet called Earth. I am grateful that God chose to bless me with all of his creation in the Universe.

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