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I am so glad you are joining us for this very special interview with, “Get Motivated With Marion”, Author, Marion Licchiello-Lenz. Marion is a pure example of strength, courage, and wisdom. Find out what inspires and drives this woman and what you can learn from her and her life lessons.

The Interview

Q) My first question to you is, I see you have a lot of training behind your name and you wear many hats, such as Self Empowerment Coach, AFAA Certified Biggest Loser® Pro, Writer, Certified Vision Board Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Certified Hypnotist, Personal Trainer & Fitness Counselor, and I am curious, could you tell us what it took to be an AFAA certified biggest loser pro, Also what exactly is a certified vision board coach, how do you get a certification in such a topic? 

A) I do have lots of training because I enjoy constantly learning and growing so I can help myself and in turn share with others in hopes of helping them too or at least giving them the tools. 

To be an AFAA Certified Business Loser Pro I had to already be a certified personal trainer (that entails weekend classes, on line classes, homestudy courses, etc.) and have been for many, many years. I want to say 20+ but I’m not sure exactly how many, I’d have to look it up. I then had to take a study course which is 8 modules and 8 tests and pass and complete that. It was very in-depth studies about obesity and working with very overweight people (morbidly obese) as well as mildly overweight individuals. I then took a 7 hour live webinar course to learn great new exercises and an exercise series specifically for Biggest Loser Clients. I now will be taking weekly courses on line to constantly continue learning. I will be training on line and in person.

A Certified Vision Board Coach – I’ve been creating Vision Boards for years. They are truly one of the tools that changed my life. I love helping others do the same. To become a Certified Vision Board Coach you must take a 4 week intensive course by phone with Joyce Schwarz, creator of the Vision Board Institute and the Vision Board Book. There are homework assignments and audios to listen to also. You must then finish your personal, very special vision board with all the teachings you received during those 4 weeks and present it to Joyce. It must be geared towards your career. I got an A. Hooray. 

Q) How long have you been a self empowerment coach and what inspired you to take this path? 

A) Wow, this is a biggie. After being bedridden with Lyme Disease 25 years ago, for 9 months, my sister introduced me to self-help, positive thinking CD’s. They changed my life and my mind and I want to share with others to help them know if I can do it they can too. I’ve been doing it on and off since then…coaching and training. 

Q) You have a blog that you post to regularly, what kind of topics do you cover and how do you choose what you will write about? 

A) Get Motivated, Get Fit blog is all about getting motivated and getting fit. I started writing this blog as well as a feature article for Country Courier Magazine about my journey back to health. This is all about getting motivated, staying motivated, motivating others, exercise, healthy eating, lifestyle change, positive thinking, positive affirmations, vision boards, visualization and so on and so on. It’s all about staying as positive as you can through the toughest of times. It’s not always easy and I share that also. We are all human and my dad passed in July and I shared that through it all. Basically, it’s all about real life. I also recently started a blog on my own website (same type of topics but geared more towards positive thinking, the mind, changing thoughts, focus, etc.)

Q) I love books so, I like to ask people, is there one book that made a huge impact on you in your life, if so what was the book and what was the impact on you? 

A) Wow, there are so many…can I name more than one? I’ll start with The Alladin Factor and Dare to Win one by Jack Canfield and one by Jack and Mark Victor Hansen. They had a huge impact on my life because I learned I can ask for what I want and I can act as if I already have what I want. I also learned how to manifest what I want. Then the Secret by Rhonda Byrne. The funny thing is when that book came out(the Secret) my friend called me to tell me she just watched the movie and it was what my book I was writing was all about) It’s my favorite. I believe anyone can change their life if even just a little by watching the movie or reading the book. I prefer the DVD. 

Q) Who or what inspires you most? 

A) Anyone who has taken their life to a greater level or is taking their life to a higher level; people who are willing to keep learning and growing from their experiences. People who know everything is a learning lesson. And most of all people who then turn around and teach others how to grow and learn and transform. I am all about learning and being in service (teaching). Two of my mentors are Dr. Wayne Dyer and Oprah Winfrey but I can name many, many more. Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, Anthony Robbins in the past, many,many. The list goes on and on!!! 

Q) If someone was thinking about enlisting the help of a self empowerment coach, what questions should they ask their potential coach to be sure they find the right coach for them? 

A) In enlisting a coach, here’s what I would ask and have asked before choosing a coach in the past. 

  • 1st and foremost – Have you changed your life in a more positive way? or Have you gone through a transformation in any way?
  • Have you personally been coached in the past or present?
  • What can a coach do for me?
  • How do I know I need a coach?
  • Can I benefit from coaching even if I’m already at the top of my game?
  • When can you start coaching me?

Q) If someone was interested in your coaching services what should they do and how can they contact you? 

A) Either hop on my website and send me a note or call me at 845-596-2990. I will offer a free consultation to see if we are the right fit for each other. I do coaching by phone, email, Chat, Instant Messaging, Video Chat, Skype and in-person. 

Q) Do you have any final advice or words of wisdom for my guests. Do you have anything else you would like to share with my guests? 

A) The one thing I have to say is just remember whether you benefit from the services of a coach or not “Whatever you focus on is what you get, positive or negative, so why not focus on the positive”? Websites such as positivethinking - is a perfect way to start your day. Your thoughts create your reality; think wisely, choose your thoughts! Do your best to catch yourself when you are having negative self talk and change it immediately.

I’d love to hear from you! Send a note and say hi or share an experience that changed your life. If you are a success story, got over a fear, had a breakthrough, lost weight, got fit, any kind of accomplishment…drop me a note. With your permission, I may include you in an upcoming e-book, book or article. 

Thank you Marion from get motivated with Marion, for taking the time to talk with us. You and your life are an inspiration and I enjoyed sharing you and how others and can get motivated with Marion.

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