List of Forgiveness Affirmations

Discover the forgiveness affirmations that are right for you. 

Forgiveness comes easily to some and not so easy for others but, holding onto resentment and anger only hurts you. This doesn’t seem fair does it? But it’s true. So find the affirmation that is right for you in the list of below. These statements will help you on your journey of forgiveness.

“They who forgive most, shall be most forgiven”
~William Blake

Affirmations to Forgive and Receive Forgiveness

  • I forgive and understand others and their motives.
  • I forgive and am forgiven.
  • God loves me and forgives me of my sins.
  • My forgiving nature is contagious.
  • I forgive (put name here) and embrace them with love, compassion and understanding.
  • I set myself free and forgive myself of any wrong doing.
  • I easily forgive others and am easily forgiven.
  • I communicate love and understanding in all that I do and say.
  • Forgiveness comes naturally to me.
  • I forgive and release others as I grow in my spirituality.
  • I forgive myself easily.
  • I love greatly and forgive easily.
  • I release the past and forgive(place name here).
  • I forgive those in need of forgiveness and am stronger for it.
  • I am forgiving of myself and others.
  • I am a forgiving and loving individual.
  • I willingly extend forgiveness to others.
  • Forgiveness brings me emotional and mental freedom.
  • I feel empowered when I forgive myself and others.
  • I release the past.

Affirmations are a great place to start when you want to start forgiving and letting go of the past. Please feel free to use any one of the statements in the list above. If you did not find the right forgiveness statement for you, you may use these affirmations as inspiration to create your own affirmation statements.

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