Following the Signs

by Terri Weaver
(Avondale, PA)

In January 2013 I was watching my favorite TV show, Downton Abbey. One of their sponsors is Viking River Cruise. Of course there are lots of commercials with vivid pictures of cruising down the rivers of Europe in luxury. I remember thinking, THAT would be a very awesome trip. I would love to go.
In the weeks that followed I was on the internet and saw advertisements. Every site I visited had advertisements - Viking River Cruise. Mailings came with advertisements for Viking River Cruise. I received SO many messages that the answer was GO! Now the question was where?
I searched Viking River Cruise's website and determined the best time to go was in the middle of July. A fabulous trip to France called the "Best of France" was going to be the destination. It looked awesome. I used visualization to place myself on the ship sunning in the south of France. I love France! During meditations, more messages came I was to meet someone while on the trip. Somehow I knew I had a SOUL MISSION to go to France, too.
The next steps were taking huge leaps of faith. Booking the trip, making the call and confirming I was going. I DID NOT LOOK AT THE PRICE TAG! I knew I was supposed to go on this trip. ( A side note... I was going through a divorce at the time and the funds used to go on the trip was most of the cash I earned to prepare to leave a 26 year marriage.) I was going to France. Ignore the price tag. Plus, I was going by myself so the cost was higher to stay in a cabin by myself.
As July approached, I became more and more excited about going on the trip. I told anyone who would listen... I am meeting someone and I have a purpose to the trip. All details would be revealed when I go to Marseille in the south of France.
When the plane landed in Marseille, I felt like I arrived home. I even remembering I am home. I received confirmation from my soul - "God Chills" and "Lighting up like a Christmas Tree" are a few expressions of how my soul communicates to my body.
The bus ride from Marseille to Avingnon was about two hours. The French countryside was exactly like I imagined. Quaint cottages with flower boxes, vineyards on the hillsides, famers working the fields. How warm and comforting it felt to be there.
The bus arrived just in time for dinner seating. I searched the dining room and saw two women sitting with two open chairs. I asked if I could join them for dinner. Their names were Robin and Sue and they were sister-in-law's visiting France for a medieval wedding. They lived in southern California. The story of how they decided to come to France was amazing. Robin and I became FAST friends. Later I discovered this was a reunion from a past life with Robin and my promise to help her on her spirituality journey. Robin and Sue headed to the wedding and I headed on my second week to Paris and Normandy.
While I was on the second week of the journey I was in the town of Giverney, where Claude Monet lived, painted and was buried. The paintings I knew came to life. The pond with light and dark shadows, the sunflowers in the garden. It was beautiful! While waiting for the tour to finish, I was chatting with one of the ship's staff, the cruise director Rudy. We chatted for a few minutes and I discovered he was having disc problems and was open to alternative healings. I offered a free Reiki treatment if he was interested. He said he heard about it but did not know much about it. We agreed to chat later.
As I walked to the crypt where Monet was buried I remembered a distressing email I received before we got to Giverney. I was in the process of applying for a mortgage with the divorce settlement. I was told based upon the divorce agreement I was not eligible to receive the mortgage because I did not have enough income and the alimony payments dropped off in six years. According to them, I was not getting the mortgage. I sent an email to my financial adviser for some assistance to call them and see what he could do. This thought was rattling around in my head as I came back from the crypt. I passed a quaint French house that was playing the radio. I heard the song "I Gonna Make this House Your Home" in English! I KNEW everything would work out. I would get the house I loved!
On the ship around 4PM, I gave Rudy a Reiki treatment on his neck and taught him how to meditate. The ship's hotel director was going through the dining hall where we were located and asked "What are you doing?" Rudy late told Hans about his experience and Hans asked if I could help him. I later taught Hans how to meditate and gave him a Reiki treatment, too.
The mission of the trip to France was to work on Forgiveness. Forgiveness on many levels. Myself for a perceived failed marriage, my husband, my family and my past life. While in Rouen, France I worked on forgiveness to the French people. I retraced Joan of Arc's last days of her life imprisoned and burned at the stake. My experiences there were indescribable. In the tower where she was held captive during the trial, I had a panic attack. Later that evening, a laser production was held in the center court of the town. The theme "Jeanne D'Arc" (Joan of Arc). I started crying during the entire presentation. A huge emotional release for me. I never could understand how the French Dauphin (King) and the French people allowed her to be sold to the enemies, tried and burned at the stake. They abandoned her! (A theme that repeated in my life) I was there to experience forgiveness for her. My soul's mission. Forgive this country as Joan of Arc.
I watched that production two more times while in Rouen. Each time it was emotional for me as I released and gave Forgiveness on SO many levels.
The return trip home was amazing. An angel, the ship's escort, helped me to the counters where I checked my luggage and directed me to security to catch my flights. My return leg from England to the US was upgraded to first class! I had a sleeping berth on the flight home.
So many things were accomplished during the trip. I met a great friend, Robin, who I chat with several times a month for hours on end. We talk about spirituality and I help her by assigning her tasks to help with her growth. I moved into my house in September of 2013. The mortgage broker lowered my interest rate by .5% saving me thousand of dollars over the life of the loan. My free upgrade to first class was the universe responding to the law of attraction. My visualization of an awesome trip to France was exactly as I pictured it. Beautiful! My soul's mission of forgiveness and the cost of the trip - Priceless!

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Sep 29, 2014
Loved reading :) NEW
by: Marrilyn S.H Tong

Loved reading your post and thanks so much for sharing your experiences. Myself is a true believer of Law of Attraction and am pretty much sure that "what we think, we become"!!

Enjoyed reading it.

Thank you once again :)

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