Focus your attention and trust it will come

by Chez

My car was not running well. I had heaps of debt and when I thought about the finances of replacing my car it seemed impossible. I decided to not think about the financial side of the problem and trust the money would come. I focussed on my knowledge of my car failing and my belief that that I needed a new car. I knew that this car would only last a couple more months at best. I set a date for the new car to come within two months.

I looked around and thought of what kind of car I would like, I didn't worry about what I could or couldn't afford, I just looked around for what cars appealed to me and would serve my purpose. I found the perfect car three weeks after deciding to replace my older car.

The car I got was a financial bonus, cheap for its model and in perfect order. It had only had two prior owners and they looked after it and serviced it regularly. I now have the car of my dreams and it serves my purpose fantastically.

I trusted it would come and it came, quicker than I anticipated. I am grateful.

When you focus on what you want, think about as many details of it as you can, then just trust it will come and it will.

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