Faith (Applied) and Gratitude

by Elouise
(Virgin Islands (US))

I first began using positive thinking approximately 30 years ago; but more consistently and with more determined focus within the past 5 years. Thirty years ago, I relocated to my current destination where I had no relatives, no job, no place to stay and very little money. As a matter of fact, I had only $300.00.

I had made contact with someone who was to secure a place for me to stay, however, that person was nowhere in sight when I arrived and no one knew when they would return. I stilled (quieted) myself and sat down in one of the airport's chairs and began affirming what I desired to happen. I had been using Affirmations and Visualizations for approximately 3 years, but this was an opportunity to really put it to the test.

After speaking to the Universe for a little while, I went into a trancelike state and had a vision of a house on a particular street. The name of the street where the house was located was whispered into my ear by an unseen force and directives given to me to follow. I did as instructed by this unseen voice/force. Without any money for rent, I was given favor and stayed at that home for a nominal fee (breakfast included), until I was ready to move on. This connection introduced me to many professional women and political figures. Doors began to open for me in various professional arenas. The use of affirmations, coupled with my faith helped me to secure a job at one of the key governmental agencies where I came in contact with many influential people and politicians, alike. I strayed away from a life style of postive thinking/living and attracted some defeatist baggages. Realizing that what I was doing was not working, I resumed the use of "vision boards" to map out the lifestyle and life I wanted.

When I stayed focused, I attracted what I desired. In 2006, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and relied once again, on faith, affirmations, visualization and gratitude. I was called the miracle patient/poster child because of my positive outlook and quick recovery. I later incorporated the Prayer of Gratitude with my prayers of affirmations, etc., and am pleased to say that I have been cancer free since 9/11/06.

Gratitude before asking has not only been a wake-up call for me but a blessing. As of this day, I am more determined than ever to employ Gratitude before anything for therein lies the power to prosper and achieve the desires of your heart. Positive Christianity has helped me to get back on track. There are so many wonderful things that has happened for me and in my life due to employment of positive thinking principles and concepts. Suffice it so say, it works if you work it. I am now living my best life.

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