Everything is Connected

by Nica

In my past I struggled with an eating disorder. I had a lot of fear, resentment, distrust and overwhelm around food but all of that is healed now and I would like to share the "how" of it!
I took to heart the words of a dear friend that "the next bite is going to taste exactly the same", and the effect of this one tiny sentence has truly been profound in my life. It's one of those beautifully obvious things that we, as dieters/food addicts/emotional eaters etc etc... have allowed ourselves to be made blind to. I've really let those words soak in and the effect has been enormous!
Also important has been the realization that our our relationship with food is a mirror of our relationship with ourselves/our lives. I felt that this was an eye-opening epiphany in that all my feelings toward and around food really were mirror images of my feelings toward and around life. On a subconscious level I knew this all along, as hearing it felt like remembering, but transferring it into my conscious was extremely powerful and liberating.

Now I can embrace and love, appreciate and honour in all aspects of my life. :) :) :)

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