Encouraging Quotes, Positive Quotes 
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Encouraging quotes can be uplifting and change a negative attitude into a positive one. So, I have taken the time to compile several small collections of meaningful and positive phrases and sayings by a variety of different authors. 

encouraging quotes
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I have broken these collections down by easy to find categories. Whatever words of inspiration you are in search of, you are bound to find something you like here.

This is what I would call the lunch break section of this website. Whether we are building a house or building a new way of life we need to take occasional breaks and rejuvenate. Just like a home builder takes a lunch break and feeds his body, those of us building a new positive life must take the time to feed our souls. So, sit back and relax, get inspired and feed your soul with these amazing quotations.

The Categories of Quotations are...

  • Quotes on goals: If you need a phrase to help you reach that goal or to remind you of the importance of having goals then look no further.
  • Quotes on success: You will find quotations on success by successful people right here.
  • Self confidence quotes: Struggling with self confidence? Need a boost in your confidence? Well, read some of these sayings.
  • Prosperity quotes: These are my favorite quotetations. Find out what the prosperous have to say about prosperity.
  • Healing quotes: Need a little boost? Read these great phrases on healing.
  • Quotes on prayer: I know prayer is important to you, so why not see what others have to say about it.
  • Quotes of inspiration: Need a little inspiration? Well, these quoted words are bound to inspire.
  • Gratitude quotes: We all know how important gratitude is. See how others see gratitude.
  • Best Life Quotes These are all the best sayings to live by. This is a huge list of quotations about living. I love this page, I hope you do too.
  • positive attitude quotes: We all know that having a positive attitude is preferable, but let's see why it is so important. See what others have to say about having a positive attitude.
  • Positive Thinking Quotes What positive thinking site would be complete without positive thinking quotations? These are all quoted phrases about thinking positive and the effects it can have on your life. Enjoy!
  • Meaningful quotes: Just a few quotations I thought you would like that aren’t included in the other collections.

All of these quoted phrases and sayings can act as words of inspiration if you just allow them to do so. You may also use anyone of these quotations as an affirmation if you like.

I have always been fascinated by the words of man so I wanted to share some of my favorite words of wisdom with you. I took the time to make sure the quotations I share with you are meaningful and encouraging quotes and I hope you enjoy them. 

The popularity of the quoted words on this site and the love I have for quoted words of others encouraged me to create a website just for quotations and sayings, so if you are hungry for even more check out my other site sayingsplus.com.

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