Dreaming and receiving

by Ira
(Lviv, Ukraine)

Hello! My name is Ira. I’m from Ukraine.
The first positive thinking book to enter into my hands was the book written by Russian author Nataliya Pravdina. Then followed a huge number of positive thinking books, cause I adore them.
When I started analyzing what had been written there I realized that everything that I wished to have in my past I was having at the moment. I dreamt to enter the university that I was studying then, I dreamt to have the job that I got.
Now I understand that those dreams which were highly strong came true and the ones which were vague failed.
It is necessary for me to read this kind of books quite often. When I’m reading them everything is fine and I get what I want, my heart is happy and peaceful cause I’m in the right way.
However, when something happens I forget about the books and may become in the wrong position.
I wish I had them as many as possible.


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