by Don Ellis
(Kenilworth, NJ)

I have been reading and studying and applying the laws of positive living into my life for the past three to four years. I have definetly learned to trust in the process of life. I even enjoy knowing that when I place the laws of attractiion, or really my desires, out to the universe, then I know without a doubt when I just trust that life will provide what I am seeking to add to my life.

If I go on about the busy task of my day lost in my own thoughts, it may have come to me and I didn't even realize. If I just keep my eyes open seeking the answer, saying what, where, when, who, etc. life will show me where it is.

So I just keep my eyes open and trust. It may take a day, a week, or even a month but life has always provided. Here is the key point to this, every time I have just trusted in the process of life and the positive energy out into the universe, it has always been provided to me twice as good as I even imagined in my mind. (Everytime)

I use afirmations to help keep myself positive and putting out positive energy, which I know this is what will return to me. (What we put out is what will return to you.) I put out love to everyone, I appreciate my friend and family and enjoy the wonderful people that life places into my life, this alone has been a joy. I meditate so I can connect to the positive energy of the universe, clear my head and just allow the positive energy of life to flow through me and clean me out of negitive and junk.

Then I connect to the positive energy from the universe and just listen, enjoy, receive, just be touched by life and filled with joy, happyness, caring, Love.

All I can do is encourage others, stay positive, love, give live, and trust the process of life, and you will be filled with everything you have always desired

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