Definition of happiness
Happiness is…

What is the definition of happiness?

Can happiness be defined?

What does it mean, how do I achieve it and why is it important?

The above are all very good questions, questions I plan to address in the best way I know how. Happiness is an emotion, an emotion that is as unique to each one of us as a snow flake is to a snow storm. We all know that there are no snow flakes identical to another. Happiness is your snow flake. No one else will ever be able to duplicate it for themselves nor can you duplicate the happiness of another for yourself.

The dictionary’s definition of happiness is this:

  1. The quality or state of being happy.

  2. Good fortune, pleasure, contentment or joy.

The encyclopedia says that happiness is a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, pleasure, joy or satisfaction.

You can see now why it is hard to define happiness. The places we rely on the most to give us specifics are vague themselves on what exactly happiness is. Even researchers and scientists have struggled with the meaning of happiness for thousands of years now.

So, Then What Is Happiness?
What is the meaning of happiness?

I’m sorry to say that only you can define the meaning of happiness for yourself. Now, don’t get to upset just yet. There are things you can do to discover what it means to be happy and to improve just how happy you are. The first thing you need to do is just ask yourself a few basic questions like…

  • How do I feel right now?
  • Am I happy in my relationships?
  • Who do I like to be around and why?
  • How often do I laugh?
  • Can I incorporate more laughter into my life?
  • If I could do anything, what would it be/ why am I not doing it?
  • Do I like my job? What parts of my job do I like?
I suggest you make your own list and answer them honestly. This will help you to identify the areas in your life where you are happiest and where you might need to make some changes to help boost your overall happiness.

Why Is It Important That I be Happy?

Being happy just plain feels good, but outside of that why does it matter whether I’m happy or not? What difference does it make whether or not I have happiness in my life?

Yes, being happy does feel good and if you ask me, that is reason enough, but if you need more convincing that it is important that you incorporate as much happiness into your life as possible maybe these facts will help.

  • Research has shown that people who rate higher for happiness on psychological tests have about 50 percent more antibodies than average in response to flu vaccinations.
  • Studies have also shown that of those who score high for happiness on psychological tests tend to decrease there risk and the severity of such diseases as diabetes, hypertension, upper respiratory disease, as well as the common cold.
  • Those who are more positive and happy in there lives have a tendency to bounce back faster after disaster and devastation. Happy people are more resilient to the ups and downs of life.
  • Studies done on the effects of laughter , one sure sign of happiness, have shown that laughter can reduce stress and relieve tension.
  • Studies have also shown that happy people live longer as well.

So, I have given you the how and why, but in the end you are the only one who can answer the question “What is the definition of happiness to me?” Only you know what makes you happy, only you have control over just how happy you will be.

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