in 1999 I was completed standard seven when I decided to stay in village and help my parents on farm activities. after two weeks consecutive of doing my staffs on farm I started feeling pain in my left leg.

The pain kept developing severely that led to swelling of my entire right leg. My parents decided to take me to hospital where I was admitted for seven days without getting better.

Eventually I asked my doctor to tell me exactly what I was suffering from. The doctor was not sure about my illness instead he advised that he should permit me to go home and find alternative cure for my illness. that information completely disturbed my mind and I was doing nothing but, thinking what was going to happen on my leg.

At home, my parents approached several traditional doctors from different parts of our village but their efforts were helpless to cure my leg, instead the leg continued swelling every day.

Finally my father took me to the neurosurgeon where hope of continuing with my further studies was almost buried by doctor respond. The doctor said that he was knowing nothing to do with my leg due to the fact that the infection was in advance stage and he could do nothing but, cut off my leg. I refused to do so and advised my father to take me back home.

At home, the standard seven result was out and I was selected to join with one of the best secondary school in township. I was not happy with result simply because I knew that I could not continue with my studies due to my sickness, however my father forced me to prepare to go to school and see if I can discuss with the headmaster to reserve my admission until when I will be ok to continue with studies.

That night I didn't sleep. I was thinking how I struggled day and night to perform my standard seven exams and that dream was nearly to vanish with no reason. I turn back to God and tell him these words....

"My almighty God you are the one who knows my situation right know and you can see in my heart how I feel, please allow me to continue with my study. Take away this burden and make me feel better for the sake of my family and you God, I will not go to compromise with the headmaster instead I will report to school for continue with my study Amen"

I was taken with sleep until morning and when I woke up I asked my parents to prepare my things ready for my trip to School and not to discus for my future chance of continue with studies instead I told them I will go to start my study and I feeling better to continue with school. I didn't want to hear anything from them instead I insisted that they should prepare my stuff ready for school.

At school the life was not easy due to reason that I was serious feeling pain and sometimes my leg used to swell and made me stop entering in class. I continued to tell God that I know for sure that I am not in school by accident, but it was by willing of God for me to be there and therefore there was no reason for me to suffer.

One day I rush from school to one of the congregation that was taken place in our school pitch and the preacher said that My living God tells me that there is one person standing before me with a lot of problems that made him to suffer for schools and his entire life. He say if you are here right now come forward and living God wants to heal you. I went straight forward in front of the servant of God and he started praying where I started to here something like my leg is asleep and stretching tremendously.

I tried to open my eyes to see what was happening in my leg but I dint manage instead I fallen down and when I awoke up I felt my leg is light but the swelling was there. this process of my foot to asleep continued to happen several times when I prayed about healing and lastly my leg continue to feel better and swelling vanish slowly ever day.

As I write to you right now, it has been 15 years and I'm still ok and testify the present of God before me for ever thing I do. Now I have made a promise before God that I will not die until I build a Good church that will praise and worship the only true living God and he has given me the name of the church that will be called "THE POWER OF TRUE MOMENT CHURCH"


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Nov 22, 2017
by: Anonymous

Almighty God continues to shower upon your call.

Oct 01, 2015
shocking post NEW
by: Anonymous

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Sep 18, 2015
Glory to GOD NEW
by: Anonymous

God be with your on your promise to serve him

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