Day 9
The Magic Power of Gratefulness

by Bonnidette (site manager)

Gratitude can really pull you through the tough times; this is the amazing magical power of gratefulness.

Last night was not great for me. I can a disagreement withy my partner and we really didn't resolve anything. This disagreement left me feeling sad, alone and just plane angry.
I couldn't sleep and I was so frustrated.

So, how do combat these feelings and turn this kind of situation around? Well, I am choosing gratefulness this morning. I'm looking at how this disagreement can teach us how to come to gather even in difficult situations and I am looking at how much stronger we will be as a couple once we work through this as a couple.

I am also looking at how grateful I am for the love I feel for her and how grateful I am for her kindness, compassion and how grateful she is.

Our disagreement is still there and since I am out of town I'm not so sure it will get worked out in the next couple of days, so I could choose to dwell on it and brew over it, but instead I choose Love, compassion and gratitude. What do you choose?

Your challenge is to feel and find the gratitude in your heart even when its not easy.

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