Day 8 finding gratitude in hidden hidden places

by Bonnidette (Site Manager)

Today I just want to touch base on how to find gratitude in hidden lttle places. Not all days show us gratitude in a glaring easy to notice way. Some days we don't feel grateful at all, struggling just to get through our day.

These days are the days when we need to seek out gratitude the most. Those days when we feel like not getting out of bed or those days when we wish we had never gotten out of bed. These are the days gratitude can become a very compelling tool that can make a great impact on your oveall well being and the final outcome of your day.

So, when you feel like all the cards are stacked against you, when you feel like you just can't catch a break I challenge you to find in those moments a reason to be greatful.

Find the silver lining if you will. When your working late and can't get home for dinner with your family tonight, look to see how this could be a blessing on this day and if you can't find that silver lining in this particular situation seek out what else you can be greatful for in this day even if it as small a thing like a stranger opening the door for you at the local convienent store.

Have a great day and remember find something to be greatful for in all the little things.

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Nov 08, 2011
Oh, Happy Day
by: Bonnidette

I am thankful for music. I don't even have to here it to have it move me. Sometimes just a song will pop in my head that will bring a smile to my face. Right now the song lyrics i here in my head are "Oh, happy day".

Nov 08, 2011
keeping with todays challenge
by: Bonnidette

So keeping with todays challenge to find gratitude in all the little things I thought I would post here throughout he day on things I am grateful for today.

At this moment I have a small break in my traning and decided to walk outside. While out here I found this great walking trail that goes around a pond and there are geese just a swimmin away. I am grateful for this nature, for the quit and peaceful moments to reflect and for the beauty that. Surrounds me

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