Day 7 It' a Greatful Monday

by Bonnidette (Site Manager)

HI everyone,

First I want to appologize that it is so late getting this post out. I caught an early flight to Minneapolis for a training I'm taking and i couldn'y get my laptop to work. With that said, it has been a great day full of things to be greatful for. Let me just say if you have never seen a sunrise from the outside a plane window you should definetly put that on your need to do. The sky was full of great colors that spread across the sky in the most magical way.

Now that is a great start to a Monday. Then I met some increduible people, learned some great new things and now I,m talking to all of you.

So todays challenge is to keep with the challenge even when you have a full day. don't put it off until tomorrow. Take that moment t say thank you for all the greatness of your day.

So, if you have not said thank you or taken a moment to reflect on the greatness of your day I challenge you to take a moment noe to say thank you and feel grateful.

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