Day 30 Stories of gratitude

by Bonnidette (site manager)

Ok, its the last day of the gratitude challenge and I have gotten allot out of it and hope you have as well. I thought a great way to end this challenge is to ask all of you to share your stories of gratitude. I started this challenge with a story that moved me and was all about feeling grateful (if you haven't read it it is day 1 of the challenge) so now I ask that you share with us your own personal story of gratitude.

For me this had been an entire month of feeling grateful and this challenge has made me more and more aware of the things in my life I have to be grateful for. Posting daily on the different aspects of gratitude has opened my eyes to gratitude even on those days when being grateful could have been difficult, but somehow it was effortless.

This challenge has also helped me in other ways as well. I made a commitment to this challenge and that commitment has pushed me to really look for those things I could be grateful for, it has also shown me an aspect of myself that reminded me that I could do anything I put my mind to.

This may seem like a simple challenge, but to post everyday or almost everyday can sometimes be a challenge do to my extremely busy schedule, so to make sure I kept my word and posted here about gratitude everyday, I started some new habits, including getting up and extra hour early each morning before leaving for the office.

Doing this has done allot for me, it has given me the chance to realize what can be accomplished with 1 extra hour a day and it has given me an hour each morning to reflect on what I am grateful for instead of just the few minutes I used for it in the morning in the past.

Tell, me what has this challenge done for you, what new doors of opportunity has it opened in your life, what are some of the things that have accrued for you from taking just a few extra minutes a day to be grateful? What are your stories of gratitude?

For me there are so many things that came out of this challenge and so many things I am grateful for. My stories of gratitude are endless. For this challenge I am more grateful than I was when it began and I am most greatful for the extra time I now have to reflect and write. I have made a commitment to myself that I will continue to get up and extra hour early every day, be thankful for my day and write about things that are important to me, things that inspire me and inspire others.

It's your turn now, what are you most grateful for, what has this challenge done for you?

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