Day 3
10 Ways to say thank you

by Bonnidette (site manager)

Saying Thank You

Saying Thank You

Good morning all,

Todays challenge is to say thank you to those that make your life a better. Showing gratitude and saying thank you are not just powerful for the recipient, but also to the giver. So I thought it would be fun to share some creative ways to say thank you.

1)Send a card through the mail. So few people do this anymore, but the impact of recieving a card in the mail is incredible.

2)Depending on what you want to say thank you for, you could make a donation in someones name or adopt a Zoo animal in their name or name a star after them.

3)Send a simple text message. I like to send the message "thank you for you. The end". This says I just want to say thank you for you and that s all. I appreciate you and I'm thinking about you.

4)If you would like to thank a soldier a simple, but profound way to show your appreciation is to walk up to someone in uniform and simply say thank you. (I was once a soldier, trust me this means alot.) If yu know the soldier personally you could call your congressman/congress woman and request to buy one of the American flags that has flown over the capitot, they come with a letter of Athonticity. If you don't know who to call in your community you can call 202 224 3121 to get the number for your area.

5)Personalized gifts are always great. You could visit a site like and create a one of a kind gift like a t-shirt, coffee mug, apron, ipad case, skate board, iphone speakers and a number of other things.

6) The message bean is one very creative way to say thank you. This is a plant seedling that when it starts to grow it has the words "Thank you" inscribed on the leaves. It's pretty cool. Check it out here.

7)I love photography so this is one idea I really like. Take a picture of yourself in a creative way to say thank you. You could take a picture of yourself useing something they gave you, you could take a picture of you holding a hand made sign that says thank you, or any number of other creative things.

8)Create a thank you video. Make it fun and get creative. Make it zany and one of a kind. They will love it.

9) You could post them to my and you could tell the story of your gratefulness for them. This is a great site that lets you nominate your favorite people and share why they are your favorite people.

10) This last one isn't all that creative, but a simple thank you with words goes a very long way.

I hope you enjoyed my list of creative ways to say thank you and I hope you will use one of them today to show your gratitude.

I'd love to here your creative ways to say thank you and how showing your thanks goes today. Have a blessed day.

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