Day 29 gratitude and money

by Bonnidette (site manager)

Today’s post is about gratitude and money. How does gratitude effect money and what you can do to attract more money to you through gratitude.

OK, lets get started shall we? In earlier posts we have learned that, that which we are grateful for shows up in more abundance, but how do we make this work with money, you ask?

This works in the same way as any other lesson you have read about on this site. Be grateful for those things you want more of. What if I don't have enough money? you ask. Simple, be thankful for what you do have. Remember there are others who have less. You will find there are always others that have more and always others who have less.

It is your choice which of the two you will focus on. Try this exercise out over the next 30 days or so. When you purchase something, when you pay a bill, when you tithe to your church or favorite charity simply say thank you. Thank you that I have the money to write this check or swipe this card. Thank you that I can pay my bills, thank you that I have money to donate, thank you that I can purchase these groceries.

You might be sayings why should I be saying thank you for paying my bills or for tithing, shouldn't someone be thanking me? NO, it is a gift to be able to pay your bills and to tithe or donate to your favorite charity. This is a blessing and showing your gratitude for this blessing will certainly bring you more opportunities to pay your bills, to purchase necessities and to donate and tithe and if you can be thankful for that, then you will begin to see how easy it becomes, all the sudden you will start to have enough money that it is not just a blessing, but you will have more money to do it with.

So, if you want more of something, you need only be grateful for that which you have and this includes money and not just the physical money, but what you do with that money. Gratitude and money should always go together. So today practice being grateful for paying your bills and spending your money. Every time money goes out, practice saying, Thank you.

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