Day 26,27,28, Living with Gratitude

by bonnidette (site manager)

HI all it has been a couple days since I last posted here in the gratitude challenge. I have lived everyone of those days with great gratitude and I hope you have done the same. The lesson here is that we live each day with gratitude even if we can't make it to the computer or to our journals or whatever it is that keeps us grateful.

It is also a lesson that just because you do not write about your gratitude for a couple of days doesn't mean you can't come back to it. I know it gets easier not to do something after you don't do it for a few days, but it is persistence and determination that keeps you going and I encourage you to let gratitude be something that encourages and drives you.

I had oral surgery a few days back and it was the severe pain and the fogginess of the medicine that has made it easy to not post here, however I did not let these things keep me from my mental gratitude list or prevent me from sharing with those around me just how grateful I was for them.

Here in lies another lesson and that is no matter your circumstances, you can always be grateful and you can always show your gratitude no matter what is going on in your life. Having my face feel like it was hit with a frying pan for a few days straight gave plenty of opportunities for me to be grateful.

I was greatful for modern medicine (it helps with the pain), I was thankful for my girlfriend who always made sure I had something to eat in the mornings before I took my meds, I was thankful for my brother and his wife who took me to the oral surgeon and stayed with me during my procedure, thankful for the dentist who did the procedure, thankful for the choice to be sedated during the procedure, thankful to my boss who understood I could not work after the procedure, I could keep going, but I think you get the picture.

In every situation there are a great number of things to be grateful for. This is why it is important to always live in gratitude. Today’s challenge is to start living in gratitude. Look for opportunities all around you were you can be grateful especially in those moments when you feel you are not grateful. Have a great day and remember that living with gratitude is a blessing.

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