Day 22 The Power of Gratitude

by Bonnidette (site manager)

Lets talk about the power of gratitude. What it is and how you can position it in your life to take full advantage of it.

Gratitude in and of itself is a force like no other. It allows us to be thankful for that which we have and for that which we do not have and in this thankfulness we are telling the universe, we are happy, we are content and that we deserve the very best that life has to offer.

Gratitude is a way to really put the law of attraction in overdrive. What do I mean? Let's look at it for a moment. The law of attraction states that, that which we focus on most is most attracted to us. Giving thanks for a thing is the easiest way to focus on that which you want the most.

Here is the thing, it is impossible to feel fear, anger, or unhappiness at the same time you are feeling grateful which means as long as you are being grateful, you are not attracting that which you do not want into your life and allowing room in your life for the things you do want.

Test drive this theory with me today. Try being grateful and angry at the same time, or grateful and fearful at the same time. You'll find like I stated above that it is indeed impossible.

If you are struggling with staying positive and those negative feelings keep creeping in, using the power of gratitude to supercharge the law of attraction and the other universal laws is the surest way to overthrow those struggles.

When we go to put the universal laws to work for us, the first thing we learn is that our thoughts are things and that we attract to us that which we focus on the most. It would make since then that if what we were focusing on the most were things that we were grateful for that more things in our lives would show up that we could be grateful for doesn't it.

So, here is my challenge to you today. Every time you start to feel frustrated, fearful, unhappy or stressed today, think of something you are grateful for and show your gratitude even if that simply means saying silently to God, thank you.

Today is the day you can put the power of gratitude to work for you and you can use this power for good. Supercharge this power by deliberately finding places in your life were you can be grateful and seek out places you would not normally be grateful and find something in that situation to be grateful for. If you can do this, being positive and putting the law of attraction to work for you will become second nature.

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