Day 21 Giving Thanks

by Bonnidette (site mangager)

Giving thanks when thanks is due may seem simple, but for some it is a foreign idea. It does not come naturally to all of us, s today I challenge you and myself to recognize those things we can be grateful for and to give thanks to those thanks is due.

Feeling grateful and not sharing our gratitude is like wrapping a present and never giving it.

So, today, when you feel grateful for anything, even the smallest of things I challenge you to say thank you to those around you and to God above.

When the sun rises and the colors float across the sky say thank you Lord for this beautiful start to my day. When the traffic flows easily say thank you dear God. When the people in your office greet you with a smile tell them thank you.

When your spouse hands you that cup of coffee in the morning say thank you love. When a client goes out of her way to give you feed back say thank you. When you feel a since of accomplishment call up your mother and father and say thank you for all they have taught you.

You get the idea. Get creative in your thanks giving and become more aware of every detail of your day were you can be giving thanks.

Thank a stranger for opening the door for you at the gas station and then take it one more step further by opening the door for the next person. Don’t just say thank you today, look for new ways you can express your thanks. Give others a reason to be thankful as well today.

Have a happy Monday and I'll be seeing you all here tomorrow.

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