Day 20 Reflections of Gratitude

by Bonnidette (site manager)

Ah, yes it is Sunday again. My favorite day of the week and I thought today would be a good day to reflect on our gratitude journey thus far and I'd like to call today’s post, reflections of gratitude.

Looking back on earlier posts and reflecting on the first 20 days of our gratitude challenge I can see a big difference in my overall mood and thoughts, I hope the same is true for you.

I believe I am grateful most of the time, but doing this challenge has opened my eyes to places in my life where I have not always been grateful and it has shown me areas in my life where gratitude comes easily.

I have found being grateful in the areas that have not always been easy to show gratitude has drastically changed my point of view on certain situations and has allowed me to enjoy moments in my life that I have in the past not enjoyed and in some cases dreaded.

This challenge has forced me to look closer at difficult situations and turn them into possibilities. It has allowed me to feel peaceful at times I would not feel peace.

I have found that gratitude is not always about what comes easily, but about those things in your life that pose a challenge and it has allowed me to take on those challenges by being grateful for each moment and ceasing every opportunity to say thank you.

I would love to here what your reflections of gratitude are since you have started this challenge with me. How has it changed your thoughts, attitude and overall mood. What have you been able to overcome with gratitude, what new possibilities have shown up for you, what challenges are you now able to face that you once could not?

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